About us - Solar Masters
Solar Masters offer a high-quality service in the area of solar panel power plant construction. Using our experience and precision, we will ensure the best result for your needs.

Who we are?

Professional and experienced solar system installation project managers.

Our team has been working in the field of solar panels since 2012, when solar power plants were not yet an actual solution because the price per kWh was low.
We are one of the first in Latvia to go through inverter certification, when ST did not yet have much experience in this field.

Right now, in 2022, when solar panels have become relevant for everyone, because of high electricity prices, we have founded the company Solar Masters, separating the sphere of solar panels from the construction area.

We provide our clients with a full project cycle:
We build solar stations both on roofs and on the ground
Our experience allows us to carry projects of any complexity, starting with equipping your private house with a solar panel system, as well as equipping industrial objects with a solar power plant, and we will also carry out the construction of your solar park.
We use only high-quality materials for the implementation of our projects, choosing equipment from TOP-5 global suppliers.
We are able to offer a competitive price for our service, with the highest quality guaranteed.
Why choose us?
We will find the best solution and inform you about optimal solutions for your project.
We will provide the necessary maintenance and work to be performed within the manufacturer's warranty.
High quality
We offer only high-quality and self-tested equipment.
Best prices
We will offer you the best price offer according to your wishes and possibilities.